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Build Real-time Applications with the new "watch" API in Deno KV
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variable Deno.errors

A set of error constructors that are raised by Deno APIs.


{ NotFound: ErrorConstructor; PermissionDenied: ErrorConstructor; ConnectionRefused: ErrorConstructor; ConnectionReset: ErrorConstructor; ConnectionAborted: ErrorConstructor; NotConnected: ErrorConstructor; AddrInUse: ErrorConstructor; AddrNotAvailable: ErrorConstructor; BrokenPipe: ErrorConstructor; AlreadyExists: ErrorConstructor; InvalidData: ErrorConstructor; TimedOut: ErrorConstructor; Interrupted: ErrorConstructor; WriteZero: ErrorConstructor; UnexpectedEof: ErrorConstructor; BadResource: ErrorConstructor; Http: ErrorConstructor; Busy: ErrorConstructor; NotSupported: ErrorConstructor; }