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interface Deno.BenchDefinition

The interface for defining a benchmark test using Deno.bench.


fn: () => void | Promise<void>

The test function which will be benchmarked.

name: string

The name of the test, which will be used in displaying the results.

ignore: boolean

If truthy, the benchmark test will be ignored/skipped.

group: string

Group name for the benchmark.

Grouped benchmarks produce a group time summary, where the difference in performance between each test of the group is compared.

baseline: boolean

Benchmark should be used as the baseline for other benchmarks.

If there are multiple baselines in a group, the first one is used as the baseline.

only: boolean

If at least one bench has only set to true, only run benches that have only set to true and fail the bench suite.

sanitizeExit: boolean

Ensure the bench case does not prematurely cause the process to exit, for example via a call to Deno.exit. Defaults to true.

permissions: Deno.PermissionOptions

Specifies the permissions that should be used to run the bench.

Set this to "inherit" to keep the calling thread's permissions.

Set this to "none" to revoke all permissions.

Defaults to "inherit".