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interface Deno.DatagramConn
implements AsyncIterable<[Uint8Array, Addr]>

A generic transport listener for message-oriented protocols.


addr: Addr

Return the address of the instance.


joinMulticastV4(address: string, networkInterface: string): Promise<MulticastV4Membership>

Joins an IPv4 multicast group.

joinMulticastV6(address: string, networkInterface: number): Promise<MulticastV6Membership>

Joins an IPv6 multicast group.

receive(p?: Uint8Array): Promise<[Uint8Array, Addr]>

Waits for and resolves to the next message to the instance.

Messages are received in the format of a tuple containing the data array and the address information.

send(p: Uint8Array, addr: Addr): Promise<number>

Sends a message to the target via the connection. The method resolves with the number of bytes sent.

close(): void

Close closes the socket. Any pending message promises will be rejected with errors.

[[Symbol.asyncIterator]](): AsyncIterableIterator<[Uint8Array, Addr]>