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interface WorkerOptions


type: "classic" | "module"
name: string
deno: { permissions?: Deno.PermissionOptions; }

Configure permissions options to change the level of access the worker will have. By default it will have no permissions. Note that the permissions of a worker can't be extended beyond its parent's permissions reach.

  • "inherit" will take the permissions of the thread the worker is created in.
  • "none" will use the default behavior and have no permission
  • A list of routes can be provided that are relative to the file the worker is created in to limit the access of the worker (read/write permissions only)


// mod.ts
const worker = new Worker(
  new URL("deno_worker.ts", import.meta.url).href, {
    type: "module",
    deno: {
      permissions: {
        read: true,