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function Deno.metrics

This will be removed in Deno 2.0.

Receive metrics from the privileged side of Deno. This is primarily used in the development of Deno. Ops, also called bindings, are the go-between between Deno JavaScript sandbox and the rest of Deno.

> console.table(Deno.metrics())
Ôöé         (index)         Ôöé Values Ôöé
Ôöé      opsDispatched      Ôöé   3    Ôöé
Ôöé    opsDispatchedSync    Ôöé   2    Ôöé
Ôöé   opsDispatchedAsync    Ôöé   1    Ôöé
Ôöé opsDispatchedAsyncUnref Ôöé   0    Ôöé
Ôöé      opsCompleted       Ôöé   3    Ôöé
Ôöé    opsCompletedSync     Ôöé   2    Ôöé
Ôöé    opsCompletedAsync    Ôöé   1    Ôöé
Ôöé opsCompletedAsyncUnref  Ôöé   0    Ôöé
Ôöé    bytesSentControl     Ôöé   73   Ôöé
Ôöé      bytesSentData      Ôöé   0    Ôöé
Ôöé      bytesReceived      Ôöé  375   Ôöé