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variable Temporal.Now

The Temporal.Now object has several methods which give information about the current date, time, and time zone.

See for more details.


{ instant: () => Temporal.Instant; zonedDateTime: (calendar: CalendarLike, tzLike?: TimeZoneLike) => Temporal.ZonedDateTime; zonedDateTimeISO: (tzLike?: TimeZoneLike) => Temporal.ZonedDateTime; plainDateTime: (calendar: CalendarLike, tzLike?: TimeZoneLike) => Temporal.PlainDateTime; plainDateTimeISO: (tzLike?: TimeZoneLike) => Temporal.PlainDateTime; plainDate: (calendar: CalendarLike, tzLike?: TimeZoneLike) => Temporal.PlainDate; plainDateISO: (tzLike?: TimeZoneLike) => Temporal.PlainDate; plainTimeISO: (tzLike?: TimeZoneLike) => Temporal.PlainTime; timeZoneId: () => string; readonly [[Symbol.toStringTag]]: "Temporal.Now"; }