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method Deno.Kv.prototype.get

Retrieve the value and versionstamp for the given key from the database in the form of a Deno.KvEntryMaybe. If no value exists for the key, the returned entry will have a null value and versionstamp.

const db = await Deno.openKv();
const result = await db.get(["foo"]);
result.key; // ["foo"]
result.value; // "bar"
result.versionstamp; // "00000000000000010000"

The consistency option can be used to specify the consistency level for the read operation. The default consistency level is "strong". Some use cases can benefit from using a weaker consistency level. For more information on consistency levels, see the documentation for Deno.KvConsistencyLevel.

Type Parameters

T = unknown


key: KvKey
options: { consistency?: KvConsistencyLevel; }