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interface Deno.TlsCertifiedKeyPem

Provides certified key material from strings. The key material is provided in PEM-format (Privacy Enhanced Mail, which can be identified by having -----BEGIN----- and -----END----- markers at the beginning and end of the strings. This type of key is not compatible with DER-format keys which are binary.

Deno supports RSA, EC, and PKCS8-format keys.

const key = {
 key: "-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----\n...\n-----END PRIVATE KEY-----\n",
 cert: "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\n...\n-----END CERTIFICATE-----\n" }


keyFormat: "pem"

The format of this key material, which must be PEM.

key: string

Private key in PEM format. RSA, EC, and PKCS8-format keys are supported.

cert: string

Certificate chain in PEM format.