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function Deno.writeFileSync

Synchronously write data to the given path, by default creating a new file if needed, else overwriting.

const encoder = new TextEncoder();
const data = encoder.encode("Hello world\n");
Deno.writeFileSync("hello1.txt", data);  // overwrite "hello1.txt" or create it
Deno.writeFileSync("hello2.txt", data, { create: false });  // only works if "hello2.txt" exists
Deno.writeFileSync("hello3.txt", data, { mode: 0o777 });  // set permissions on new file
Deno.writeFileSync("hello4.txt", data, { append: true });  // add data to the end of the file

Requires allow-write permission, and allow-read if options.create is false.


path: string | URL
data: Uint8Array
options: WriteFileOptions