Deno Continuous Benchmarks

These plots are updated on every commit to master branch.

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Execution time #

This shows how much time total it takes to run a few simple deno programs: tests/002_hello.ts , tests/003_relative_import.ts, tests/worker_round_robin_bench.ts, and tests/worker_startup_bench.ts. For deno to execute typescript, it must first compile it to JS. A warm startup is when deno has a cached JS output already, so it should be fast because it bypasses the TS compiler. A cold startup is when deno must compile from scratch.

Throughput #

Time it takes to pipe a certain amount of data through Deno. echo_server.ts and cat.ts . Smaller is better.

Req/Sec #

Tests HTTP server performance. 10 keep-alive connections do as many hello-world requests as possible. Bigger is better.

Max Latency #

Max latency during the same test used above for requests/second. Smaller is better.

Max Memory Usage #

Max memory usage during execution. Smaller is better.

Executable size #

deno ships only a single binary. We track its size here.

Thread count #

How many threads various programs use.

Syscall count #

How many total syscalls are performed when executing a given script.