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Node.js -> Deno cheatsheet

Node.js Deno
node file.js deno run file.js
ts-node file.ts deno run file.ts
node -e deno eval
npm i -g deno install
npm i / npm install n/a ¹
npm run deno task
eslint deno lint
prettier deno fmt
rollup / webpack / etc deno bundle
package.json deno.json / deno.jsonc / import_map.json
tsc deno check ²
typedoc deno doc
jest / ava / mocha / tap / etc deno test
nodemon deno run/lint/test --watch
nexe / pkg deno compile
npm explain deno info
nvm / n / fnm deno upgrade
tsserver deno lsp
nyc / c8 / istanbul deno coverage
benchmarks deno bench

¹ See Modules, the runtime downloads and caches the code on first use.

² Type checking happens automatically, TypeScript compiler is built into the deno binary.