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Compiling Executables

deno compile [--output <OUT>] <SRC> will compile the script into a self-contained executable.

> deno compile

If you omit the OUT parameter, the name of the executable file will be inferred.


As with deno install, the runtime flags used to execute the script must be specified at compilation time. This includes permission flags.

> deno compile --allow-read --allow-net

Script arguments can be partially embedded.

> deno compile --allow-read --allow-net -p 8080
> ./file_server --help

Cross Compilation

You can compile binaries for other platforms by adding the --target CLI flag. Deno currently supports compiling to Windows x64, macOS x64, macOS ARM and Linux x64. Use deno compile --help to list the full values for each compilation target.

Unavailable in executables