Simple HTTP web server


  • Use the std library http module to run your own web server.


With just a few lines of code you can run your own http web server with control over the response status, request headers and more.

Sample web server

In this example, the user-agent of the client is returned to the client:

 * webserver.ts
import { serve } from "https://deno.land/std@0.92.0/http/server.ts";

const server = serve({ hostname: "", port: 8080 });
console.log(`HTTP webserver running.  Access it at:  http://localhost:8080/`);

for await (const request of server) {
  let bodyContent = "Your user-agent is:\n\n";
  bodyContent += request.headers.get("user-agent") || "Unknown";

  request.respond({ status: 200, body: bodyContent });

Run this with:

deno run --allow-net webserver.ts