[][src]Trait deno::fmt_errors::DisplayFormatter

pub trait DisplayFormatter {
    fn format_category_and_code(&self) -> String;
fn format_message(&self, level: usize) -> String;
fn format_related_info(&self) -> String;
fn format_source_line(&self, level: usize) -> String;
fn format_source_name(&self) -> String; }

A trait which specifies parts of a diagnostic like item needs to be able to generate to conform its display to other diagnostic like items

Required methods

fn format_category_and_code(&self) -> String

fn format_message(&self, level: usize) -> String

fn format_source_line(&self, level: usize) -> String

fn format_source_name(&self) -> String

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impl DisplayFormatter for DiagnosticItem[src]

impl DisplayFormatter for JSError[src]

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