Deno example programs

This module contains small scripts that demonstrate use of Deno and its standard module.

You can run these examples using just their URL or install the example as an executable script which references the URL. (Think of installing as creating a bookmark to a program.)

A TCP echo server

deno --allow-net


deno install echo_server --allow-net

cat - print file to standard output

deno install deno_cat --allow-read
deno_cat file.txt

catj - print flattened JSON to standard output

A very useful command by Soheil Rashidi ported to Deno.

deno install catj --allow-read
catj example.json
catj file1.json file2.json
echo example.json | catj -

gist - easily create and upload Gists

export GIST_TOKEN=ABC # Generate at
deno install gist --allow-net --allow-env
gist --title "Example gist 1" script.ts
gist --t "Example gist 2" script2.ts