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class Pipe
import { Pipe } from "https://deno.land/std@0.145.0/node/internal_binding/pipe_wrap.ts";


Pipe(type: number, conn?: Deno.UnixConn)


ipc: boolean
reading: boolean


_onClose(): number

Handle server closure.

bind(name: string)

Bind to a Unix domain or Windows named pipe.

connect(req: PipeConnectWrap, address: string)

Connect to a Unix domain or Windows named pipe.

fchmod(mode: number)

Alters pipe permissions, allowing it to be accessed from processes run by different users. Makes the pipe writable or readable by all users. Mode can be UV_WRITABLE, UV_READABLE or UV_WRITABLE | UV_READABLE. This function is blocking.

listen(backlog: number): number

Listen for new connections.

open(_fd: number): number
setPendingInstances(instances: number)

Set the number of pending pipe instance handles when the pipe server is waiting for connections. This setting applies to Windows only.