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function emitKeypressEvents
import { emitKeypressEvents } from "https://deno.land/std@0.147.0/node/readline.ts";

The readline.emitKeypressEvents() method causes the given Readable stream to begin emitting 'keypress' events corresponding to received input.

Optionally, interface specifies a readline.Interface instance for which autocompletion is disabled when copy-pasted input is detected.

If the stream is a TTY, then it must be in raw mode.

This is automatically called by any readline instance on its input if theinput is a terminal. Closing the readline instance does not stop the input from emitting 'keypress' events.

if (process.stdin.isTTY)


readlineInterface: Interface
import emitKeypressEvents
import { emitKeypressEvents } from "https://deno.land/std@0.147.0/node/readline.ts";