Deno standard library
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function copy
import { copy } from "";

Copies from src to dst until either EOF (null) is read from src or an error occurs. It resolves to the number of bytes copied or rejects with the first error encountered while copying.

import { copy } from "./conversion.ts";

const source = await"my_file.txt");
const bytesCopied1 = await copy(source, Deno.stdout);
const destination = await Deno.create("my_file_2.txt");
const bytesCopied2 = await copy(source, destination);


src: Deno.Reader[src]

The source to copy from

dst: Deno.Writer[src]

The destination to copy to

options: { bufSize?: number; }

Can be used to tune size of the buffer. Default size is 32kB


import copy
import { copy } from "";