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Deno standard library
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// Copyright 2018-2023 the Deno authors. All rights reserved. MIT license.// Copyright Joyent and Node contributors. All rights reserved. MIT license.
import { notImplemented } from "./_utils.ts";
/** A Worker object contains all public information and method about a worker. * In the primary it can be obtained using cluster.workers. In a worker it can * be obtained using cluster.worker. */export class Worker { constructor() { notImplemented("cluster.Worker.prototype.constructor"); }}/** Calls .disconnect() on each worker in cluster.workers. */export function disconnected() { notImplemented("cluster.disconnected");}/** Spawn a new worker process. */export function fork() { notImplemented("cluster.fork");}/** True if the process is a primary. This is determined by * the process.env.NODE_UNIQUE_ID. If process.env.NODE_UNIQUE_ID is undefined, * then isPrimary is true. */export const isPrimary = undefined;/** True if the process is not a primary (it is the negation of * cluster.isPrimary). */export const isWorker = undefined;/** Deprecated alias for cluster.isPrimary. details. */export const isMaster = isPrimary;/** The scheduling policy, either cluster.SCHED_RR for round-robin or * cluster.SCHED_NONE to leave it to the operating system. This is a global * setting and effectively frozen once either the first worker is spawned, or * .setupPrimary() is called, whichever comes first. */export const schedulingPolicy = undefined;/** The settings object */export const settings = undefined;/** Deprecated alias for .setupPrimary(). */export function setupMaster() { notImplemented("cluster.setupMaster");}/** setupPrimary is used to change the default 'fork' behavior. Once called, * the settings will be present in cluster.settings. */export function setupPrimary() { notImplemented("cluster.setupPrimary");}/** A reference to the current worker object. Not available in the primary * process. */export const worker = undefined;/** A hash that stores the active worker objects, keyed by id field. Makes it * easy to loop through all the workers. It is only available in the primary * process. */export const workers = undefined;
export default { Worker, disconnected, fork, isPrimary, isWorker, isMaster, schedulingPolicy, settings, setupMaster, setupPrimary, worker, workers,};