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Const Blob

Blob: DenoBlob

Const CustomEvent

CustomEvent: CustomEvent

Const CustomEventInit

CustomEventInit: CustomEventInit

Const Event

Event: Event

Const EventInit

EventInit: EventInit

Const EventTarget

EventTarget: EventTarget

Const FormData

FormData: FormData

Const Headers

Headers: Headers

Const TextDecoder

TextDecoder: TextDecoder

Const TextEncoder

TextEncoder: TextEncoder

Const URL


Const URLSearchParams

URLSearchParams: URLSearchParams

Const atob

atob: atob

Const btoa

btoa: btoa

Const clearInterval

clearInterval: clearTimer

Const clearTimeout

clearTimeout: clearTimer

Const console

console: Console

Const fetch

fetch: fetch

Const globalThis

globalThis: Window

Const location

location: Location

Const performance

performance: Performance

Const setInterval

setInterval: setInterval

Const setTimeout

setTimeout: setTimeout

Const window

window: Window

Const workerMain

workerMain: workerMain


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