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localAddr: Addr

The local address of the connection.


remoteAddr: Addr

The remote address of the connection.


rid: number

The resource ID of the connection.



  • close(): void


  • closeWrite(): void
  • Shuts down (shutdown(2)) the writing side of the TCP connection. Most callers should just use close().

    Unstable because of lack of testing and because Deno.shutdown is also unstable.

    Returns void


  • read(p: Uint8Array): Promise<number | null>
  • Reads up to p.byteLength bytes into p. It resolves to the number of bytes read (0 < n <= p.byteLength) and rejects if any error encountered. Even if read() resolves to n < p.byteLength, it may use all of p as scratch space during the call. If some data is available but not p.byteLength bytes, read() conventionally resolves to what is available instead of waiting for more.

    When read() encounters end-of-file condition, it resolves to EOF (null).

    When read() encounters an error, it rejects with an error.

    Callers should always process the n > 0 bytes returned before considering the EOF (null). Doing so correctly handles I/O errors that happen after reading some bytes and also both of the allowed EOF behaviors.

    Implementations should not retain a reference to p.

    Use Deno.iter() to turn a Reader into an AsyncIterator.


    • p: Uint8Array

    Returns Promise<number | null>


  • write(p: Uint8Array): Promise<number>
  • Writes p.byteLength bytes from p to the underlying data stream. It resolves to the number of bytes written from p (0 <= n <= p.byteLength) or reject with the error encountered that caused the write to stop early. write() must reject with a non-null error if would resolve to n < p.byteLength. write() must not modify the slice data, even temporarily.

    Implementations should not retain a reference to p.


    • p: Uint8Array

    Returns Promise<number>


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