Minimal boilerplate blogging.
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// Copyright 2022 the Deno authors. All rights reserved. MIT license.
import { join, resolve } from "";
const HELP = `deno_blog
Initialize a new blog project. This will create all the necessary files fora new blog.
To generate a blog in the './my_blog' subdirectory: deno run ${import.meta.url} ./my_blog
To generate a blog in the current directory: deno run ${import.meta.url} .
Print this message: deno run ${import.meta.url} --help`;
const CURRENT_DATE = new Date();const CURRENT_DATE_STRING = CURRENT_DATE.toISOString().slice(0, 10);const MAIN_FILE_URL = new URL( "./blog.tsx", import.meta.url,);
const FIRST_POST_CONTENTS = `---title: Hello world!publish_date: ${CURRENT_DATE_STRING}---
This is my first blog post!`;
const MAIN_CONTENTS = `import blog, { ga, redirects } from "${MAIN_FILE_URL}";
blog({ title: "My Blog", description: "This is my new blog.", cover: "", coverStyle: "avatar-rounded", author: "An author", background: "#f9f9f9",
// middlewares: [ // If you want to set up Google Analytics, paste your GA key here. // ga("UA-XXXXXXXX-X"),
// If you want to provide some redirections, you can specify them here, // pathname specified in a key will redirect to pathname in the value. // redirects({ // "/hello_world.html": "/hello_world", // }),
// ]});`;
const DENO_JSONC_CONTENTS = `{ "tasks": { "dev": "deno run --allow-net --allow-read --watch main.ts --dev", "serve": "deno run --allow-net --allow-read --no-check main.ts", }}`;
async function init(directory: string) { directory = resolve(directory);
console.log(`Initializing blog in ${directory}...`); try { const dir = [...Deno.readDirSync(directory)]; if (dir.length > 0) { const confirmed = confirm( "You are trying to initialize blog in an non-empty directory, do you want to continue?", ); if (!confirmed) { throw new Error("Directory is not empty, aborting."); } } } catch (err) { if (!(err instanceof Deno.errors.NotFound)) { throw err; } }
await Deno.mkdir(join(directory, "posts"), { recursive: true }); await Deno.writeTextFile( join(directory, "posts/"), FIRST_POST_CONTENTS, ); await Deno.writeTextFile(join(directory, "main.ts"), MAIN_CONTENTS); await Deno.writeTextFile(join(directory, "deno.jsonc"), DENO_JSONC_CONTENTS);
console.log("Blog initialized, run `deno task dev` to get started.");}
function printHelp() { console.log(HELP); Deno.exit(0);}
if (import.meta.main) { if (Deno.args.includes("-h") || Deno.args.includes("--help")) { printHelp(); }
const directory = Deno.args[0]; if (directory == null) { printHelp(); }
await init(directory);} else { throw new Error("This module is meant to be executed as a CLI.");}