Minimal boilerplate blogging.
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// Copyright 2022 the Deno authors. All rights reserved. MIT license.
import type { ConnInfo, UnoConfig, VNode } from "./deps.ts";
export interface BlogContext { state: BlogState; connInfo: ConnInfo; next: () => Promise<Response>;}
export interface BlogMiddleware { (req: Request, ctx: BlogContext): Promise<Response>;}
export type DateStyle = "full" | "long" | "medium" | "short";
export interface BlogSettings { title?: string; description?: string; avatar?: string; avatarClass?: string; cover?: string; coverTextColor?: string; author?: string; links?: { title: string; url: string; icon?: VNode }[]; header?: VNode; showHeaderOnPostPage?: boolean; section?: VNode; footer?: VNode; style?: string; ogImage?: string; middlewares?: BlogMiddleware[]; lang?: string; dateStyle?: DateStyle; canonicalUrl?: string; unocss?: UnoConfig; theme?: "dark" | "light" | "auto"; favicon?: string;}
export interface BlogState extends BlogSettings { directory: string;}
/** Represents a Post in the Blog. */export interface Post { pathname: string; markdown: string; title: string; publishDate: Date; author?: string; snippet?: string; coverHtml?: string; /** An image URL which is used in the OpenGraph og:image tag. */ ogImage?: string; tags?: string[];}