A static site generator for the dynamic web - develop with TSX and build with Deno

bob the static site builder

bob is a static site generator built on top of the Deno runtime.


Bob is designed for creating extremely performant websites that require near-instant content updating and network edge personalization. All with best-in-class developer experience.

🚀 Extremely performant websites

  • No JavaScript on page load

    Network-edge personalization means no client-side JavaScript is needed in order to construct pages for the user.

  • Minimal CSS footprint

    Include only the CSS needed for each page to keep CSS size as small as possible. Inline CSS for optimal first load.

⚡ Near-instant content updating

  • Incremental builds (currently experimental)

    Build only what is needed in order to be extremely fast.

  • Incremental deploy (coming soon)

    Deploy only changed content.

🌐 Network-edge personalization

  • Personalize pages on the edge, without client-side Javascript (coming soon)

    Create complex rules and change the page based on request parameters, such as visitor country or cookie values. Use this to create A/B tests, GDPR banners, or product recommendations. This requires the Cloudflare hosting plugin.

🤓 Best-in-class developer experience

  • Fully typed using TypeScript and TSX

    Intellisense and type checking in layout templates.

  • Highly modular

    Layouts are just TSX components. Import any additional components or libraries as you wish.

  • Easily create client-side components (coming soon)

    Create client-side code right in your layout files.


You need to have the Deno runtime installed. When you have it installed, just run:

deno install --allow-read --allow-write --allow-net https://deno.land/x/bob/cli.ts


To build your site, in the site root, just run:

$> bob

See the docs directory for an example implementation. See CLI help with bob -h.

Layout files

Layouts are just TSX components, exported as a default export from different files. Structure your code and components as you wish, but make sure you have a default layout located in layouts/_default.tsx.

Content files

Add Markdown content files to the content directory as needed. Each content file will be rendered into an HTML file using the corresponding path into the public directory.


This program is licensed under the "GNU Lesser General Public License". See LICENSE and LICENSE.LESSER for details.