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// Copyright 2022 Connor Logan. All rights reserved. MIT License.// This module is browser-compatible.
/** * An object or function responsible for parsing data or throwing errors if the * data isn't shaped as expected. These can either be functions with a single * data argument that return the parsed data or an object with a `parse(data): * unknown` function property that does the same. Cav is specifically tuned to * be compatible with (but not dependent on) Zod, a schema-based data parsing * library. However, any parsing library can be used, as long as its parsers * satisfy this Parser interface. (Let me know if more shapes should be * supported in a github issue.) You can also write strongly-typed parsing * functions and objects by hand if you don't want to use a third-party parsing * library. * * To read more about Zod, visit https://github.com/colinhacks/zod. */export type Parser<I = unknown, O = unknown> = ( | ParserFunction<I, O> | ParserObject<I, O>);
/** * Matches any kind of parser. Useful for type constraints. */// deno-lint-ignore no-explicit-anyexport type AnyParser = Parser<any, any>;
/** * A function that parses data. If data is not shaped as expected, an error * should be thrown. */export interface ParserFunction<I = unknown, O = unknown> { (input: I): Promise<O> | O;}
/** An object with a ParserFunction as its "parse" property. Zod compatible. */export interface ParserObject<I = unknown, O = unknown> { parse(input: I): Promise<O> | O;}
/** Extracts the input type of a given Parser. */export type ParserInput<T> = ( T extends { _input: infer I } ? I // zod : T extends Parser<infer I> ? I : never);
/** Extracts the output type of a given Parser. */export type ParserOutput<T> = ( T extends { _output: infer O } ? O // zod : T extends Parser<unknown, infer O> ? O : never);