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// Copyright 2022 Connor Logan. All rights reserved.
import { rpc } from "./rpc.ts";import { prepareAssets } from "./assets.ts";import type { ServeAssetOptions } from "./assets.ts";
// TODO: Add RpcInit options /** Initializer options for the assets() utility function. */export type AssetsInit = Omit<ServeAssetOptions, "path">;
// TODO: Add RpcInit options/** * Utility for creating an Rpc handler specifically for serving static assets. * The resolver's path argument is used as the asset path. */export function assets(init?: AssetsInit) { // Note that this is a no-op in production prepareAssets({ cwd: init?.cwd, dir: init?.dir, watch: true, });
return rpc({ path: "*", resolve: x => x.asset({ ...init, path: x.path, }), });}
/** * Utility for creating an Rpc handler that always redirects. If an * origin isn't provided in the redirect url, the origin of the request will be * used. Paths can also be relative; if the path starts with a ".", the path * will be joined with the pathname of the request using the std path.join() * function. If the status isn't provided, 302 is used. Note that paths with * trailing slashes will be redirected first to the path without the trailing * slash before being redirect to the specified destination. (2 hops) */export function redirect(to: string, status?: number) { return rpc({ path: "*", resolve: x => { return x.redirect(to, status || 302); }, });}