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NPM Version License: MIT

❗️ Warning: This is not production-ready software. ❗️

What is Delgada?

Delgada is a web framework for building slim multipage websites using modern web standards and conventions.

Features include:

  • Ship zero JS by default with static components
  • Islands of interactivity with web components
  • File-system based routing
  • Markdown support out of the box
  • TypeScript support out of the box (coming soon-ish)
  • Scoped CSS support out of the box (coming soon-ish)
  • SSR support out of the box (coming soon-ish)
  • Zero config with common sense defaults

Getting Started

To quickly get up and running you can install the project template to scaffold out a new website.

npx degit delgada-ui/template my-delgada-project
cd my-delgada-project
npm install
npm run build
npm start


Read a high level overview of the current syntax and functionality available in Delgada.