A minimal profile page generator for Deno Deploy
noCheck: true
scripts: init: desc: Builds config file cmd: cli/denote.ts init allow: - write - read - net
serve: desc: Starts local server cmd: cli/denote.ts serve allow: - net - read watch: true
register: desc: Publishes page cmd: cli/denote.ts register allow: - net - read
unregister: desc: Removes page cmd: cli/denote.ts unregister allow: - net - read
start: cmd: deployctl run --no-check --env=.env --watch ./server.ts
deps: desc: Update dependencies with ensuring pass tests cmd: udd deps.ts --test="vr test"
lint: desc: Runs lint cmd: deno lint --ignore=cov_profile
fmt: desc: Runs format cmd: deno fmt --ignore=cov_profile
pre-commit: cmd: | FILES=$(git diff --staged --name-only --diff-filter=ACMR "*.ts") [ -z "$FILES" ] && exit 0 echo "$FILES" | xargs deno lint echo "$FILES" | xargs deno fmt # echo "$FILES" | xargs git add desc: Lints and formats staged files gitHook: pre-commit
test: desc: Runs the tests cmd: deno test --reload --allow-net allow: - env gitHook: pre-push
cov: desc: Shows uncovered lists cmd: - vr test --coverage=cov_profile - deno coverage cov_profile
ci: desc: Runs lint, check format and test cmd: - vr lint - vr fmt --check - vr test
cd: desc: Publishes latest denote.yml cmd: - vr register denote.yml --name denote
commitlint: # dependencies: commitlint and @commitlint/config-conventional # yarn global add commitlint @commitlint/config-conventional desc: Checks commit messages format with commitlint cmd: commitlint -x @commitlint/config-conventional -e ${GIT_ARGS[1]} gitHook: commit-msg