A microframework for Deno's HTTP server with zero third-party dependencies
name-template: 'v$RESOLVED_VERSION'tag-template: 'v$RESOLVED_VERSION'
change-template: '- $TITLE (#$NUMBER)'
# Only add to the draft release when a PR has one of these labelsinclude-labels: - 'Type: Major' - 'Type: Minor' - 'Type: Patch' - 'Type: Chore'
# Here is how we determine what version the release would be, by using labels. Eg when "minor" is used, the drafter knows to bump up to a new minor versionversion-resolver: major: labels: - 'Type: Major' minor: labels: - 'Type: Minor' patch: labels: - 'Type: Patch' - 'Type: Chore' # allow our chore PR's to just be patches too default: 'patch'
# What our release will look like. If no draft has been created, then this will be used, otherwise $CHANGES just gets addeddtemplate: | ## Compatibility
Requires Deno v<version> Uses Deno Standard Modules <version>
## Documentation
* [Full Documentation](https://drash.land/drash/v2.x/getting-started/introduction)
## Usage
1. Create a `deps.ts` file.
```typescript // deps.ts
export * as Drash from "https://deno.land/x/drash@v$RESOLVED_VERSION/mod.ts"; ```
2. Import `Drash` from your `deps.ts` file.
```typescript import { Drash } from "./deps.ts"
... your ... code ... here ```
## Release Summary