Embedded JS template engine for Node, Deno, and the browser. Lighweight, fast, and pluggable. Written in TypeScript
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Eta is a lightweight and blazing fast embedded JS templating engine that worksinside Node, Deno, and the browser. Created by the developers of[Squirrelly](https://squirrelly.js.org), it's written in TypeScript andemphasizes phenomenal performance, configurability, and low bundle size.
### 🌟 Features
- 📦 0 dependencies- 💡 2.3KB minzipped; size restricted to <3KB forever with [size-limit](https://github.com/ai/size-limit)- ⚡️ Written in TypeScript- ✨ Deno support (+ Node and browser)- 🚀 Super Fast - Check out [these benchmarks](https://ghcdn.rawgit.org/eta-dev/eta/master/browser-tests/benchmark.html)- 🔧 Configurable - Plugins, custom delimiters, caching- 🔨 Powerful - Precompilation, partials, async - **Layout support**! - ExpressJS support out-of-the-box- 🔥 Reliable - Better quotes/comments support - _ex._ `<%= someval + "string %>" %>` compiles correctly, while it fails with doT or EJS - Great error reporting- ⚡️ Exports ES Modules as well as UMD- 📝 Easy template syntax
## Eta vs other template engines
<details open> <summary> <b>Eta vs EJS</b> </summary>
Eta's syntax is very similar to EJS' (most templates should work with eitherengine), Eta has a similar API, and Eta and EJS share the same file-handlinglogic. Here are the differences between Eta and EJS:
- Eta is more lightweight. Eta weighs less than **2.5KB gzipped**, while EJS is **4.4KB gzipped**- Eta compiles and renders templates **_much_ faster than EJS**. Check out these benchmarks: https://ghcdn.rawgit.org/eta-dev/eta/master/browser-tests/benchmark.html- Eta allows left whitespace control (with `-`), something that doesn't work in EJS because EJS uses `-` on the left side to indicate that the value shouldn't be escaped. Instead, Eta uses `~` to output a raw value- Eta gives you more flexibility with delimeters -- you could set them to `{{` and `}}`, for example, while with EJS this isn't possible- Eta adds plugin support- Comments in Eta use `/* ... */` which allows commenting around template tags- Eta parses strings correctly. _Example: `<%= "%>" %>` works in Eta, while it breaks in EJS_- Eta exposes Typescript types and distributes a UMD build- Eta supports custom tag-type indicators. _Example: you could change `<%=` to `<%*`_
<details> <summary> <b>Eta vs doT.js</b> </summary>
Eta and doT.js both allow embedded JavaScript, and[both have best-in-class performance](https://ghcdn.rawgit.org/eta-dev/eta/master/browser-tests/benchmark.html)when compared to other template engines (though Eta is slightly faster withHTML-escaped templates). Here are some of the differences between Eta anddoT.js:
- Eta allows you to control how you strip preceding and trailing whitespace after tags.- It's much simpler to set custom delimiters with Eta than doT -- you don't have to rewrite every configuration Regular Expression- Eta supports plugins- Eta supports async- Eta parses strings and multi-line comments correctly. _Example: `<%= "%>" %>` works in Eta, while the equivalent breaks in doT_- Eta exposes Typescript types and distributes a UMD build- Eta supports runtime partials and file-handling.
<details> <summary> <b>Eta vs Handlebars</b> </summary>
Eta and Handlebars are very different in some ways -- Eta is an embeddedtemplate engine, while Handlebars is a logic-less template engine. Here someadditional differences between Eta and Handlebars:
- Eta is more lightweight. Eta weighs less than **2.5KB gzipped**, while Handlebars is **~22KB gzipped**- Eta compiles and renders templates **_much_ faster than Handlebars** -- around **7x faster**. Check out these benchmarks: https://ghcdn.rawgit.org/eta-dev/eta/master/browser-tests/benchmark.html- Eta allows you to set custom delimiters- Eta supports plugins- Eta exposes Typescript types and distributes a UMD build- Custom tag-type indicators. _Example: you could change `<%=` to `<%*`_- With Eta, you don't need to register tons of helpers to do simple tasks like check if one value equals another value- Note that Eta templates run as **trusted code** -- just like any other JavaScript you write.<br><br>If you are running user-defined/created templates on your machine, server, site, etc., you probably should go with a tool built for that purpose, like Handlebars.
<details> <summary> <b>Eta vs ES6 Template Literals</b> </summary>
Template literals are a super useful tool, especially for shortening simplestring concatenation. But writing complete templates using template literals canquickly get out of hand. Here's a comparison of Eta and template literals:
- Eta compiles templates into JavaScript functions that use string concatenation and have comparable performance with template literals- Eta lets you control preceding and trailing whitespace around tags- Eta gives you more flexibility with delimeters -- you could set them to `{{` and `}}`, for example, or set them to `${` and `}` to mimic template literals- Eta supports plugins- Eta supports comments with `/* ... */` syntax, just like in regular JavaScript. Template literals require you to stick a blank string after the comment: `/* ... */""`, which is much less readable- To write conditionals inside template literals, you have to use the ternary operator. Add more conditions or nested conditionals, and it quickly becomes a nightmarish mess of `? ... : ... ? ... : ...`. Writing conditionals in Eta is much simpler and more readable- Eta supports partials
## Why Eta?
Simply put, Eta is super: super lightweight, super fast, super powerful, andsuper simple. Like with EJS, you don't have to worry about learning an entirenew templating syntax. Just write JavaScript inside your templates.
### Where did Eta's name come from?
"Eta" means tiny in Esperanto. Plus, it can be used as an acronym for all sortsof cool phrases: "ECMAScript Template Awesomeness", "Embedded TemplatingAlternative", etc....
Additionally, Eta is a letter of the Greek alphabet (it stands for all sorts ofcool things in various mathematical fields, including efficiency) and is threeletters long (perfect for a file extension).
## Integrations
<details> <summary> <b>Visual Studio Code</b> </summary>
[@shadowtime2000](https://github.com/shadowtime2000) created[eta-vscode](https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=shadowtime2000.eta-vscode).
<details> <summary> <b>ESLint</b> </summary>
[eslint-plugin-eta](https://github.com/eta-dev/eslint-plugin-eta) was created toprovide an ESLint processor so you can lint your Eta templates.
<details> <summary> <b>CLI</b> </summary>
An official Eta CLI exists called[etajs-cli](https://github.com/eta-dev/etajs-cli).
<details> <summary> <b>Webpack</b> </summary>
Currently there is no official Webpack integration but[@clshortfuse](https://github.com/clshortfuse) shared the loader he uses:
```javascript { loader: 'html-loader', options: { preprocessor(content, loaderContext) { return eta.render(content, {}, { filename: loaderContext.resourcePath }); }, }, } ```
## 📜 Docs
We know nobody reads through the long and boring documentation in the ReadMeanyway, so head over to the documentation website:
📝 [https://eta.js.org](https://eta.js.org)
## 📓 Examples
### Simple Template
```javascriptimport * as Eta from "eta";var myTemplate = "<p>My favorite kind of cake is: <%= it.favoriteCake %></p>";
Eta.render(myTemplate, { favoriteCake: "Chocolate!" });// Returns: '<p>My favorite kind of cake is: Chocolate!</p>'```
### Conditionals
```ejs<% if(it.somevalue === 1) { %>Display this<% } else { %>Display this instead<% } %>```
### Loops
```ejs<ul><% it.users.forEach(function(user){ %><li><%= user.name %></li><% }) %></ul>```
### Partials
```ejs<%~ include('mypartial') %>```
```ejs<%~ includeFile('./footer') %>```
```ejs<%~ include('users', {users: it.users}) %>```
## ✔️ Tests
Tests can be run with `npm test`. Multiple tests check that parsing, rendering,and compiling return expected results, formatting follows guidelines, and codecoverage is at the expected level.
## Resources
To be added
## Projects using `eta`
- [Docusaurus v2](https://v2.docusaurus.io): open-source documentation framework that uses Eta to generate a SSR build- [swagger-typescript-api](https://github.com/acacode/swagger-typescript-api): Open source typescript api codegenerator from Swagger. Uses Eta as codegenerator by templates- [Add yours!](https://github.com/eta-dev/eta/edit/master/README.md)
## Contributors
Made with ❤ by [@nebrelbug](https://github.com/eta-dev) and all these wonderfulcontributors([emoji key](https://github.com/kentcdodds/all-contributors#emoji-key)):
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This project follows the[all-contributors](https://github.com/kentcdodds/all-contributors)specification. Contributions of any kind are welcome!
## Credits
- Async support and file handling were added based on code from [EJS](https://github.com/mde/ejs), which is licensed under the Apache-2.0 license. Code was modified and refactored to some extent.- Syntax and some parts of compilation are heavily based off EJS, Nunjucks, and doT.