💧EventEmitter's typesafe replacement
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function useEvt
import { useEvt } from "";

Provide a Ctx to attach handlers. You should list in deps all the Evt that are susceptible to change ( Evt passed as props or Evt that are react states ) that you use in the factoryOrEffect callback. As for useEffect you should also list every other value that you use. Whenever any value in deps is changed factoryOrEffect is invoked again with the new Evt and the previous handler get detached. All handler are also detached when the component unmount.

factoryOrEffect can be used for attaching handler to event or to generate a new event that is a merge/pipe of other Evts.

BE AWARE: Unlike useEffect factoryOrEffect is called on render ( like useMemo's callback ). Remember that you shouldn't update state in a component render tick (in the useMemo for example). If you you need to perform an effect on first render (attaching a stateful evt for example) use registerSideEffect(()=>{ ... })



effect: (ctx: Ctx) => void
deps: React.DependencyList