A node.js library for performing FIDO 2.0 / WebAuthn server functionality
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{ "lint": { "files": { "include": ["lib/","test/"], "exclude": ["dist/","test/dist/"] } }, /* Never run deno fmt, unless you want to change formatting of all files */ "fmt": { "files": { "include": ["lib/","test/"] } }, "importMap": "import_map.json", "tasks": { /* Run deno tests with `deno task test`, using default import map */ "test": "deno test --lock=deno-lock.json --ignore=test/dist test", /* import_map.dist.json redirects ./lib -> ./dist, to make tests use dist/main.js instead of lib/main.js */ "test:dist": "deno test --lock=deno-lock.json --importmap=import_map.dist.json --ignore=test/dist test", /* Run after changing dependencies */ "update-deps": "deno cache --lock=deno-lock.json --lock-write --importmap=import_map.json test/main.test.js lib/main.js", "build": "deno task test && (mkdir dist; deno bundle --lock=deno-lock.json lib/main.js dist/main.js) && deno task test:dist" }}