Common Functional Programming Algebraic data types for JavaScript that is compatible with most modern browsers and Deno.
export interface TaskPrototype<Z> { ap<T extends TaskPrototype<Z>>(container: T): this; chain<T extends TaskPrototype<Z>, K>(unaryFunction: (value: K) => T): this; map<K, Y>(unaryFunction: (value: K) => Y): this; of<K>(value: K): this; run(): Promise<any>; toString(): string;}
declare function Task<T extends TaskPrototype<Z>, Z>(asyncFunction: () => Z): T;declare namespace Task { export function from<T extends TaskPrototype<Z>, Z>(unaryFunction: Z): T; export function is<Z>(container: Z): boolean; export function of<T extends TaskPrototype<Z>, Z, K>(value: K): T; export function wrap<T extends TaskPrototype<Z>, Z>(unaryFunction: Z): T;}
export default Task;