Conversational interfaces for grammY
import * as grammyConversations from "";


Form building utilities that are exposed on conversation.form.

Internally used class which acts as a conversation handle.


Main installer of the conversations plugin. Call this function and pass the result to bot.use:

Takes a conversation builder function, and turns it into grammY middleware which can be installed on your bot. Check out the documentation to learn more about how conversation builder functions can be created.


Options object with settings that determine how to handle a failing condition.

Type Aliases

This should be the first parameter in your conversation builder function.

Context flavor for the conversations plugin. Adds the conversation control panel ctx.conversation which e.g. allows entering a conversation. It also adds some properties to the session which the conversation plugin needs.

A user-defined conversation builder function that can be turned into middleware for a conversation. This is the type of the function that you should use to write your conversation. It can be used like so:

Configuration for how to handle a failing condition, either a function or an options object.

Handler for a context object that will be invoked when a condition fails.