Run Deno X modules without installation.


deno install -A -f -n land


# equals to `deno run start`
land aleph start

How it works?

land will check the third-party module metadata at bootstrap, when the cli.ts or cli.js found then run it as sub-process, or use the mod.ts or mod.js. It also checks the import_map.json (or import-map.json) in the root directory and apply it automatically.


By default, land will use the latest version of the module, you also can specify the version with semver:

land aleph@1.1.1 start
land aleph@1.1 start  # match latest patch version
land aleph@1 start    # match latest minor version


By default, land will ask you the permissions of the module is using, or you can pass the permissions manually:

land --allow-net --allow-read --allow-write aleph start

land supports PERMISSIONS(.txt) preset in the module root directory like: