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_arrayIncludesWith.js615 B
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_isMaskable.js395 B
_isMasked.js564 B
_isPrototype.js480 B
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_listCacheDelete.js775 B
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_mapCacheClear.js393 B
_mapCacheDelete.js450 B
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_mapCacheHas.js382 B
_mapCacheSet.js489 B
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concat.js1007 B
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constant.js528 B
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defaults.js2 KB
defaultsDeep.js839 B
defaultTo.js608 B
defer.js693 B
delay.js795 B
difference.js1 KB
differenceBy.js1 KB
differenceWith.js1 KB
divide.js491 B
drop.js890 B
dropRight.js927 B
dropRightWhile.js1 KB
dropWhile.js1 KB
each.js39 B
eachRight.js44 B
endsWith.js1 KB
entries.js39 B
entriesIn.js41 B
eq.js799 B
escape.js1 KB
escapeRegExp.js871 B
every.js2 KB
extend.js40 B
extendWith.js44 B
fill.js1 KB
filter.js1 KB
find.js1 KB
findIndex.js2 KB
findKey.js1 KB
findLast.js730 B
findLastIndex.js2 KB
findLastKey.js1 KB
first.js36 B
flatMap.js812 B
flatMapDeep.js796 B
flatMapDepth.js901 B
flatten.js489 B
flattenDeep.js577 B
flattenDepth.js787 B
flip.js636 B
floor.js521 B
flow.js666 B
flowRight.js590 B
forEach.js1 KB
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forIn.js1 KB
forInRight.js929 B
forOwn.js992 B
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fp.js101 B
fromPairs.js596 B
function.js780 B
functions.js685 B
functionsIn.js714 B
get.js884 B
groupBy.js1 KB
gt.js596 B
gte.js635 B
has.js757 B
hasIn.js753 B
head.js415 B
identity.js370 B
includes.js2 KB
index.js37 B
indexOf.js1 KB
initial.js461 B
inRange.js1 KB
intersection.js953 B
intersectionBy.js1 KB
intersectionWith.js1 KB
invert.js1 KB
invertBy.js2 KB
invoke.js634 B
invokeMap.js1 KB
isArguments.js1 KB
isArray.js488 B
isArrayBuffer.js732 B
isArrayLike.js830 B
isArrayLikeObject.js742 B
isBoolean.js681 B
isBuffer.js1 KB
isDate.js642 B
isElement.js574 B
isEmpty.js2 KB
isEqual.js986 B
isEqualWith.js1 KB
isError.js961 B
isFinite.js793 B
isFunction.js993 B
isInteger.js669 B
isLength.js802 B
isMap.js613 B
isMatch.js1 KB
isMatchWith.js1 KB
isNaN.js911 B
isNative.js1 KB
isNil.js426 B
isNull.js381 B
isNumber.js886 B
isObject.js733 B
isObjectLike.js614 B
isPlainObject.js2 KB
isRegExp.js646 B
isSafeInteger.js949 B
isSet.js613 B
isString.js723 B
isSymbol.js682 B
isTypedArray.js695 B
isUndefined.js416 B
isWeakMap.js631 B
isWeakSet.js643 B
iteratee.js2 KB
join.js693 B
kebabCase.js659 B
keyBy.js1 KB
keys.js884 B
keysIn.js778 B
lang.js2 KB
last.js401 B
lastIndexOf.js1 KB
lodash.js530 KB
lodash.min.js71 KB
lowerCase.js622 B
lowerFirst.js470 B
lt.js590 B
lte.js629 B
map.js2 KB
mapKeys.js1 KB
mapValues.js1 KB
matches.js1 KB
matchesProperty.js1 KB
math.js482 B
max.js614 B
maxBy.js991 B
mean.js422 B
meanBy.js879 B
memoize.js2 KB
merge.js1 KB
mergeWith.js1 KB
method.js860 B
methodOf.js912 B
min.js614 B
minBy.js991 B
mixin.js2 KB
multiply.js530 B
negate.js1 KB
next.js836 B
noop.js250 B
now.js520 B
nth.js671 B
nthArg.js730 B
number.js120 B
object.js2 KB
omit.js2 KB
omitBy.js854 B
once.js665 B
orderBy.js2 KB
over.js558 B
overArgs.js2 KB
overEvery.js654 B
overSome.js647 B
package.json578 B
pad.js1 KB
padEnd.js1017 B
padStart.js1 KB
parseInt.js1 KB
partial.js2 KB
partialRight.js2 KB
partition.js1 KB
pick.js629 B
pickBy.js1 KB
plant.js1016 B
property.js793 B
propertyOf.js732 B
pull.js758 B
pullAll.js710 B
pullAllBy.js1 KB
pullAllWith.js1 KB
pullAt.js1 KB
random.js2 KB
range.js1 KB
rangeRight.js862 B
rearg.js1023 B
reduce.js2 KB
reduceRight.js1 KB
reject.js1 KB
remove.js1 KB
repeat.js893 B
replace.js754 B
rest.js1 KB
result.js1 KB
reverse.js844 B
round.js501 B
sample.js551 B
sampleSize.js1 KB
seq.js507 B
set.js960 B
setWith.js1 KB
shuffle.js678 B
size.js1 KB
slice.js1 KB
snakeCase.js638 B
some.js2 KB
sortBy.js2 KB
sortedIndex.js626 B
sortedIndexBy.js1 KB
sortedIndexOf.js762 B
sortedLastIndex.js679 B
sortedLastIndexBy.js1 KB
sortedLastIndexOf.js770 B
sortedUniq.js513 B
sortedUniqBy.js698 B
split.js2 KB
spread.js2 KB
startCase.js714 B
startsWith.js1017 B
string.js1 KB
stubArray.js390 B
stubFalse.js280 B
stubObject.js400 B
stubString.js290 B
stubTrue.js272 B
subtract.js511 B
sum.js453 B
sumBy.js908 B
tail.js457 B
take.js851 B
takeRight.js930 B
takeRightWhile.js1 KB
takeWhile.js1 KB
tap.js703 B
template.js10 KB
templateSettings.js1 KB
throttle.js3 KB
thru.js674 B
times.js1 KB
toArray.js1 KB
toFinite.js868 B
toInteger.js760 B
toIterator.js403 B
toJSON.js44 B
toLength.js868 B
toLower.js592 B
toNumber.js2 KB
toPairs.js699 B
toPairsIn.js737 B
toPath.js804 B
toPlainObject.js744 B
toSafeInteger.js836 B
toString.js580 B
toUpper.js592 B
transform.js2 KB
trim.js1 KB
trimEnd.js1 KB
trimStart.js1 KB
truncate.js3 KB
unary.js469 B
unescape.js1 KB
union.js749 B
unionBy.js1 KB
unionWith.js1 KB
uniq.js688 B
uniqBy.js1013 B
uniqueId.js562 B
uniqWith.js958 B
unset.js804 B
unzip.js1 KB
unzipWith.js1 KB
update.js1 KB
updateWith.js1 KB
upperCase.js620 B
upperFirst.js470 B
util.js1 KB
value.js44 B
valueOf.js44 B
values.js733 B
valuesIn.js723 B
without.js858 B
words.js1 KB
wrap.js871 B
wrapperAt.js1 KB
wrapperChain.js706 B
wrapperLodash.js7 KB
wrapperReverse.js1019 B
wrapperValue.js455 B
xor.js811 B
xorBy.js1 KB
xorWith.js1 KB
zip.js609 B
zipObject.js664 B
zipObjectDeep.js643 B
zipWith.js960 B

lodash v4.17.19

The Lodash library exported as Node.js modules.


Using npm:

$ npm i -g npm
$ npm i --save lodash

In Node.js:

// Load the full build.
var _ = require('lodash');
// Load the core build.
var _ = require('lodash/core');
// Load the FP build for immutable auto-curried iteratee-first data-last methods.
var fp = require('lodash/fp');

// Load method categories.
var array = require('lodash/array');
var object = require('lodash/fp/object');

// Cherry-pick methods for smaller browserify/rollup/webpack bundles.
var at = require('lodash/at');
var curryN = require('lodash/fp/curryN');

See the package source for more details.

Install n_ for Lodash use in the Node.js < 6 REPL.


Tested in Chrome 74-75, Firefox 66-67, IE 11, Edge 18, Safari 11-12, & Node.js 8-12.
Automated browser & CI test runs are available.