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interface UIOptions
import { type UIOptions } from "";


containerId: string

The container id to insert the search

showImages: boolean

Whether to show an image alongside each search result.

showEmptyFilters: boolean

By default, Pagefind UI shows filters with no results alongside the count (0). Pass false to hide filters that have no remaining results.

resetStyles: boolean

By default, Pagefind UI applies a CSS reset to itself. Pass false to omit this and inherit from your site styles.

showSubResults: boolean

Include results from page subsections (based on headings with IDs).

excerptLength: number

The maximum number of characters to show in the excerpt. 0 means no limit

translations: TranslationsOptions

A set of custom ui strings to use instead of the automatically detected language strings. See for all available keys and initial values. The items in square brackets such as SEARCH_TERM will be substituted dynamically when the text is used.

processResult: (result: unknown) => unknown

A function that Pagefind UI calls before displaying each result. This can be used to fix relative URLs, rewrite titles, or any other modifications you might like to make to the raw result object returned by Pagefind

processTerm: (term: string) => string

A function that Pagefind UI calls before performing a search. This can be used to normalize search terms to match your content.

debounceTimeoutMs: number

The number of milliseconds to wait after a user stops typing before performing a search. If you wish to disable this, set to 0.