🐏 Practical functional Javascript


  1. Fork the project and clone your fork.

  2. Create a local feature branch:

    $ git checkout -b <branch>
  3. If adding a function R.foo, define it in source/foo.js, export it from source/index.js, and include unit tests in test/foo.js. It is not necessary to include the @since annotation for new functions as it will be set during the release process of the following release. If adding an internal function _foo, define it in source/internal/_foo.js.

  4. Before designing a new function please read our Ramda Conventions article.

  5. Make one or more atomic commits. Each commit should have a descriptive commit message, wrapped at 72 characters. Do not commit changes to dist/ramda.js.

  6. Run npm install to install needed local dependencies.

  7. Run npm test and address any errors. Preferably, fix commits in place using git rebase or git commit --amend to make the changes easier to review and to keep the history tidy.

  8. Push to your fork:

    $ git push origin <branch>
  9. Open a pull request.