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// @ts-check
import Cache from "graphql-react/Cache.mjs";import Loading from "graphql-react/Loading.mjs";import { createElement as h } from "react";import { hydrate as reactHydrate } from "react-dom";
import ClientProvider from "./ClientProvider.mjs";import createPseudoNode from "./createPseudoNode.mjs";import HeadContent from "./HeadContent.mjs";import HeadManager from "./HeadManager.mjs";
/** * Hydrates the Ruck document head and body React apps after SSR. * @param {object} options Options. * @param {import("./serve.mjs").Router} options.router Router. * @param {import("./serve.mjs").AppComponent} options.appComponent App React * component. * @param {Record<string, any>} options.cacheData Cache data. */export default async function hydrate({ router, appComponent, cacheData }) { if (typeof router !== "function") { throw new TypeError("Option `router` must be a function."); }
const bodyReactRoot = document.getElementById("ruck-app");
if (!bodyReactRoot) throw new Error("Ruck body React app DOM node missing.");
const ruckHeadStart = document.head.querySelector('[name="ruck-head-start"]');
if (!ruckHeadStart) { throw new Error("Ruck head React app start DOM node missing."); }
const ruckHeadEnd = document.head.querySelector('[name="ruck-head-end"]');
if (!ruckHeadEnd) { throw new Error("Ruck head React app end DOM node missing."); }
const headReactRoot = /** @type {HTMLHeadElement} */ ( createPseudoNode(ruckHeadStart, ruckHeadEnd) ); const headManager = new HeadManager(); const initialRouteUrl = new URL(location.href); // Todo: Validate what the router returns. const { content, cleanup } = router(initialRouteUrl, headManager, true); const initialRoute = { url: initialRouteUrl, content: await content, cleanup, };
// Hydrate the body React app first, so the head manager knows what content // to render in the head app. reactHydrate( h( ClientProvider, { hydrationTimeStamp:, headManager, cache: new Cache(cacheData), loading: new Loading(), router, initialRoute, onEffectsDone() { // Hydrate the head React app. reactHydrate(h(HeadContent, { headManager }), headReactRoot); }, }, h(appComponent), ), bodyReactRoot, );}
Ruck is an open source buildless React web application framework for Deno.
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