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// @ts-check
import { useCallback } from "react";
import useNavigate from "./useNavigate.mjs";
/** * A React hook to use a click event handler for an `a` element that has a Ruck * app route `href`, for client side navigation instead of the browser default * full page load. The handler doesn’t do anything if the event default action * is already prevented, if a non main mouse button was pressed, or if any of * the following keys were pressed during the click: * * - Alt (in Safari, downloads the link) * - Control (in Safari, displays the link context menu) * - Meta (in Safari, opens the link in a new tab) * - Shift (in Safari, adds the link to Reading List) */export default function useOnClickRouteLink() { const navigate = useNavigate();
return useCallback( /** @type {import("react").MouseEventHandler<HTMLAnchorElement>} */ (event) => { if ( !event.defaultPrevented && event.currentTarget instanceof HTMLAnchorElement && // The main mouse button was pressed, or the enter key was pressed while // the link was focused. event.button === 0 && !event.altKey && !event.ctrlKey && !event.metaKey && !event.shiftKey ) { if (!navigate) throw new TypeError("Context value missing."); event.preventDefault(); navigate({ url: event.currentTarget.href }); } }, [navigate], );}
Ruck is an open source buildless React web application framework for Deno.
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