scaffold your next project with style and 💗





💥 Breaking

  • Remove --name and --description from options. UserDetails is a better API.

✨ Features

  • Add UserDetails to the initial variables passed into the scaffold.config.ts. The new properties are username, email, user and name.



💥 Breaking

  • --cache has been renamed to --cache-dir and can be used to set a custom cache directory.
  • Remove --log-level flag Use --debug instead to get debug logging.

✨ Features

  • https://deno.land/x/scaffold/scaffold.ts is now the entry point for installing the CLI. All documentation has been updated to reflect this.

  • Add new commands, upgrade, help, completions and alias.

    Setting up an alias can be done in the following way:

    scaffold alias deno ifiokjr/templates/deno

    Now you can use the deno alias to scaffold a project.

    scaffold deno my-project

    You can now upgrade the scaffold command to the latest version. You will also be prompted to upgrade the scaffold if a new version is available.

    scaffold upgrade
  • Add support for --cache-only which allows you to only use the cache and not download anything.



🔧 Fixes

  • Empty files were being copied over from remote repositories due to a bug in the untar logic. This is now fixed and tests have been added.



Initial release of the scaffold project. The project is currently passing tests on macos and linux only.

This project might not work on Windows, but if you would like to add support please open an issue and or pull request 😄.

✨ Features

  • Scaffold a project with the scaffold command.
  • Automatically cache downloaded files.
  • --force option to overwrite the directory if it already exists.
  • Experimental support scaffold.config.ts files in templates to customize the scaffold.
  • Support for granular permissions in scaffold.config.ts.
Usage:   scaffold <repo> [folder]
  Version: 0.0.0


    🏗️ Scaffold a new project from any GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket git repository.


    -h, --help                     - Show this help.
    -V, --version                  - Show the version number for this program.
    -c, --cache           [cache]  - Set the cache directory relative to the current directory.
    --no-cache                     - Disable the cache.
    -d, --debug                    - Enable debug logging (shorthand for --log-level=debug
    -f, --force                    - Overwrite files even if they already exist.
    -l, --log-level       [level]  - Set the log level. (Values: "debug", "info", "warn", "error", "fatal")
    -s, --silent                   - Disable all logging.
    --no-template                  - Disable loading the template.config.ts file.
    -n, --name            [name]   - Set the name to be used in the template
    --description         [name]   - Set the description to be used in the template
    -y, --no-interactive           - Disable the interactive prompt.
    --use-temp-source              - Copy local files to a temporary directory before scaffolding. This might break
                                     local imports.