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SHA1 for deno.

⚠️ SHA1 is not recommended anymore. Do not use it for any new applications/codebases.


import { sha1 } from "";

console.log('SHA1 of ""', sha1("", "utf8", "hex"))


new SHA1()

Creates a new SHA1 instance.

SHA1#init(): SHA1

Initializes a hash instance.

SHA1#update(msg: string | Uint8Array, inputEncoding?: string): SHA1

Updates a hash with additional data. inputEncoding can be one of "utf8", "hex", or "base64".

SHA1#digest(outputEncoding?: string): string | Uint8Array

Obtain a digest of all the fed-in messages. outputEncoding can be one of "utf8", "hex", or "base64". If it is omitted a Uint8Array gets returned.

sha1(msg:string | Uint8Array, inputEncoding?: string, outputEncoding?: string): string | Uint8Array

Convenience function for hashing singular data.



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