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Update Deno Dependencies

Run this script to update your dependency urls to the latest published versions.


Prior to updating each url, the updater optionally runs the passed –test(s) to ensure that updating is non-breaking.



Use deno install command:

deno install -A -f udd

You may need to include the deno bin directory in your PATH.


For example, suppos to update url imports inside deps.ts run:

udd deps.ts

To ensure that both deno fetch main.ts and deno test don’t error:

udd deps.ts --test="deno fetch main.ts" --test="deno test"


// deps.ts (before)
export { decode } from "";

Running udd looks up the std versions to see that there is a more recent std release.

// deps.ts (after)
export { decode } from "";

Supported domains

udd supports the following registry domains:

Create an issue to request additional registries.

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