Update Deno Dependencies - update dependency urls to their latest published versions
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# Update Deno Dependencies
Run this script to update your dependency urls to their latest publishedversions. Optionally run --test(s) to ensure that each dependency update isnon-breaking.
Note: udd is **fundamentally different** from something like npm or yarn. Othertools do a "distributed update" i.e. _every user updates_ independently (andpotentially to untested versions/configurations of dependencies). With uddprecisely _one person updates_ (a maintainer), and they can ensure that the newdependencies pass the test suite before commiting/releasing a new version. Withudd every user has a fixed version of the dependencies.
[Semantic versioning fragments](https://github.com/hayd/deno-udd#semantic-versioning)are _purely_ a convenience for the maintainer, and do not affect users.
## Installation
Use deno[`install`](https://deno.land/std/manual.md#installing-executable-scripts) toinstall or update udd:
```shdeno install -A -f -n udd https://deno.land/x/udd@0.5.0/main.ts```
_You may need to include the deno bin directory in your PATH._
## Usage
For example, to update url imports inside `deps.ts` run:
```shudd deps.ts```
To update all the ts files in your directory:
```shudd *.ts```
To ensure that `deno test` is successful when updating each dependency:
```shudd deps.ts --test="deno test"```
## Scheduled github action
You might like to use a [github action](https://docs.github.com/en/actions) toexecute udd each day, check whether there are dependency updates, and - if thereare - create a pull request to your repository.
As an example see the[`.github/workflows/udd.yml`](https://github.com/hayd/deno-udd/blob/master/.github/workflows/udd.yml)file in the udd repository.
_Thanks to [Eliaz Bobadilla](https://github.com/UltiRequiem) for the initialaction implementation._
## Semantic versioning
If you append a fragment `#${token}${version}` to your urls you can manage theirupdate behavior:
| Token | Name | udd updates to the latest version such that || :---- | :------------ | -------------------------------------------------------------: || ^ | Compatible | major version is the same (if major=0 then same minor version) || ~ | Approximately | major and minor version are the same (or both major=0) || < | Less than | less than the provided version || = | Equal | it's exactly this version |The version argument is optional for `^`, `~` and `=` (the version passed is theversion in the url).
### Examples
```diff-export { Application } from "https://deno.land/x/oak@v2.4.0/mod.ts#^";+export { Application } from "https://deno.land/x/oak@v2.10.0/mod.ts#^"; // 3.x.y is not chosen
-export { decode } from "https://deno.land/std@v0.34.0/strings/decode.ts#=";+export { decode } from "https://deno.land/std@v0.34.0/strings/decode.ts#="; // no change
-export { Application } from "https://deno.land/x/abc@v0.1.10/mod.ts#<0.2.0";+export { Application } from "https://deno.land/x/abc@v0.1.11/mod.ts#<0.2.0"; // 0.2.x is not chosen
-export { encode } from "https://deno.land/std@v0.34.0/strings/encode.ts#~";+export { encode } from "https://deno.land/std@v0.36.0/strings/encode.ts#~"; // update to latest compatible```
## Supported domains
udd supports the following registry domains:
- https://deno.land/std- https://deno.land/x- https://denopkg.com- https://dev.jspm.io- https://cdn.pika.dev- https://cdn.skypack.dev- https://esm.sh- https://unpkg.com- https://raw.githubusercontent.com- https://gitlab.com/:user/:repo/-/raw- https://cdn.jsdelivr.net- https://x.nest.land
_Create an issue to request additional registries._
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