Build tool to use Rust code in Deno and the browser.
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{ "fmt": { "files": { "exclude": [ "./tests/target", "./target" ] } }, "tasks": { "fmt": "deno fmt && cargo fmt", "build": "deno run -A ./main.ts -p wasmbuild", "build:lkg": "deno run -A https://deno.land/x/wasmbuild@0.6.1/main.ts -p wasmbuild", "test": "cd tests && deno task test:main && deno task test:sync && deno task test:js-ext && deno test -A && deno task test:check", "test:main": "cd tests && deno run -A ../main.ts -p deno_test", "test:sync": "deno task test:main --sync --out lib_sync", "test:js-ext": "rm -rf tests/lib_out_js_file && deno task test:main --js-ext mjs --out lib_out_js_file && cat tests/lib_out_js_file/deno_test.generated.mjs > /dev/null", "test:check": "deno task test:main --check && deno task test:sync --check" }}