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🌐 Deno bindings for webview, a tiny library for creating web-based desktop GUIs
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import { prepare } from "";
const DEV = Deno.env("DEV");const MSHTML = Deno.env("MSHTML");
const pluginPath = DEV !== undefined ? DEV : "";
const plugin = await prepare({ name: "deno_webview", checkCache: DEV === undefined, urls: { mac: `${pluginPath}/libdeno_webview.dylib`, win: MSHTML === undefined ? `${pluginPath}/deno_webview.dll` : MSHTML, linux: `${pluginPath}/` }});
const encoder = new TextEncoder();const decoder = new TextDecoder();
function jsonOpSync<P extends Object, R extends WebViewResponse<any>>( op: Deno.PluginOp, params: P): R { let raw = op.dispatch(encoder.encode(JSON.stringify(params)));
if (!raw) { throw `Plugin op ${op} returned null`; }
return JSON.parse(decoder.decode(raw)) as R;}
function unwrapResponse<T, R extends WebViewResponse<T>>(response: R): T { if (response.err) { throw response.err; }
if (response.ok) { return response.ok; }
throw "Invalid response";}
export interface WebViewResponse<T> { err?: string; ok?: T;}
export interface WebViewNewParams { title: string; url: string; width: number; height: number; resizable: boolean; debug: boolean; frameless: boolean;}
export interface WebViewNewResult { id: number;}
export interface WebViewExitParams { id: number;}
export interface WebViewExitResult {}
export interface WebViewEvalParams { id: number; js: string;}
export interface WebViewEvalResult {}
export interface WebViewSetColorParams { id: number; r: number; g: number; b: number; a: number;}
export interface WebViewSetColorResult {}
export interface WebViewSetTitleParams { id: number; title: String;}
export interface WebViewSetTitleResult {}
export interface WebViewSetFullscreenParams { id: number; fullscreen: boolean;}
export interface WebViewSetFullscreenResult {}
export interface WebViewLoopParams { id: number; blocking: number;}
export interface WebViewLoopResult { code: number;}
export function WebViewNew(params: WebViewNewParams): WebViewNewResult { return unwrapResponse(jsonOpSync(plugin.ops.webview_new, params));}
export function WebViewExit(params: WebViewExitParams): WebViewExitResult { return unwrapResponse(jsonOpSync(plugin.ops.webview_exit, params));}
export function WebViewEval(params: WebViewEvalParams): WebViewEvalResult { return unwrapResponse(jsonOpSync(plugin.ops.webview_eval, params));}
export function WebViewSetColor( params: WebViewSetColorParams): WebViewSetColorResult { return unwrapResponse(jsonOpSync(plugin.ops.webview_set_color, params));}
export function WebViewSetTitle( params: WebViewSetTitleParams): WebViewSetTitleResult { return unwrapResponse(jsonOpSync(plugin.ops.webview_set_title, params));}
export function WebViewSetFullscreen( params: WebViewSetFullscreenParams): WebViewSetFullscreenResult { return unwrapResponse(jsonOpSync(plugin.ops.webview_set_fullscreen, params));}
export function WebViewLoop(params: WebViewLoopParams): WebViewLoopResult { return unwrapResponse(jsonOpSync(plugin.ops.webview_loop, params));}