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Placeholder for Worker-based middleware solution
const CONCAT_SEQ = ', ';
const XE = /(Mon|Tue|Wed|Thu|Fri|Sat|Sun), /;const XR = '$1,�';const YE = /(Mon|Tue|Wed|Thu|Fri|Sat|Sun),�/;const YR = '$1, '
/** * Fixes the iteration of the `Headers` class with respect to `set-cookie` header: * * By default, multiple `set-cookie` headers will be concatenated by the `Headers` class implementation. * However, the HTTP protocol/browsers expect multiple `Set-Cookie` headers, * and do not recognize concatenated `Set-Cookie` headers. * * This helper function fixes this behavior, yielding multiple `set-cookie` key-value tuples, * provided that no cookie value contains the concatenation sequence `', '` (comma empty-space). */export function iterHeadersSetCookieFix(headers: Headers): [string, string][] { return [...headers].flatMap(([h, v]) => h === 'set-cookie' ? v.replace(new RegExp(XE, 'g'), XR) .split(CONCAT_SEQ) .map(x => [h, x.replace(new RegExp(YE, 'g'), YR)] as [string, string]) : [[h, v] as [string, string]])}
export { iterHeadersSetCookieFix as headersSetCookieFix }