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Placeholder for Worker-based middleware solution
import { AggregateError } from "./aggregate-error.ts";
export const isFulfilled = <T>(r: PromiseSettledResult<T>): r is PromiseFulfilledResult<T> => { return r.status === 'fulfilled';}export const isRejected = <T>(r: PromiseSettledResult<T>): r is PromiseRejectedResult => { return r.status === 'rejected';}
/** * Helper function that unwinds `Promise.allSettled`: * Takes the promise returned and throws a `AggregateError` iff at least one promise settled with a rejection. * Otherwise returns the list of fulfilled values. * @param allSettledPromise A promise returned by `Promise.allSettled` * @returns List of fulfilled values */export const unsettle = async <T>(allSettledPromise: Promise<PromiseSettledResult<T>[]>): Promise<T[]> => { const rs = await allSettledPromise; if (rs.every(isFulfilled)) return => r.value) throw new AggregateError(rs.filter(isRejected).map(r => r.reason), "One or more Promises in 'unsettle' were rejected"); }