TypeScript-first schema validation with static type inference
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class ZodIntersection
extends ZodType<T["_output"] & U["_output"], ZodIntersectionDef<T, U>, T["_input"] & U["_input"]>
import { ZodIntersection } from "https://deno.land/x/zod@v3.17.3/index.ts?s=ZodIntersection";

Type Parameters

T extends ZodTypeAny[src]
U extends ZodTypeAny[src]


_parse(input: ParseInput): ParseReturnType<this["_output"]>[src]

Static Properties

create: <T extends ZodTypeAny, U extends ZodTypeAny>(
left: T,
right: U,
params?: RawCreateParams,
) => ZodIntersection<T, U>