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Deno is a secure JavaScript / TypeScript runtime built on V8


API Reference

Links to other Deno resources.

Getting started

Install Deno into ~/.deno/bin

curl -L | python
export PATH=$HOME/.deno/bin:$PATH
Try a Deno program. Install by bash alias. This one serves a local directory in HTTP.
alias file_server="deno \ --allow-net"
Run it:
% file_server .
HTTP server listening on
And if you ever want to upgrade to the latest published version:
file_server --reload


Execution time

This shows how much time total it takes to run a few simple deno programs: tests/002_hello.ts and tests/003_relative_import.ts. For deno to execute typescript, it must first compile it to JS. A warm startup is when deno has a cached JS output already, so it should be fast because it bypasses the TS compiler. A cold startup is when deno must compile from scratch.


Time it takes to pipe a certain amount of data through Deno. echo_server.ts and cat.ts Smaller is better.


Tests HTTP server performance. 10 keep-alive connections do as many hello-world requests as possible. Bigger is better.

Executable size

deno ships only a single binary. We track its size here.

Thread count

How many threads various programs use.

Syscall count

How many total syscalls are performed when executing a given script.


How long for Travis CI to return a green status for pull requests.


All benchmark data